Welcome to Silver Birch Cards art publishing. Silver Birch is directly evolved from Reliefprint Press Cards and all of the values which made Reliefprint Press so successful are alive and well here at Silver Birch. These values are:

No Plastic!

100% Plastic free, no bags of any kind as compostable bags create a bigger problem for the environment as they only breakdown during industrial composting, not at home and not in our rivers or sea.

No minimum order and free postage

We have many large customers but we also want to help smaller shops by offering no minimum order and free postage.

Replacement Cards

Replacement cards are provided if any of your stock gets damaged on display. It’s our pleasure to help customers be it by replacing cards or getting an order ready quickly if you need it urgently.

Free cards with every order

We always add a few free cards to introduce you to some designs we think you would like. Look out for those little bundles with your invoice!


Silver Birch will add a few extra values:

No Trees

We want to stop using trees because our planet needs them more than we do. Over the next 18 months we will be the first card publisher to be 100% paper free by using bamboo card at no extra cost to our customers.

Planting Trees

The second part to this is that we will be looking to plant trees! (Silver Birches of course) around the area in which we live.

Autism Awareness

Autism awareness and employment opportunities will play a huge role in our work as we move forward. Only one in six autistic adults is in work and we want to do what we can in our local area.

We hope that you find something you like here and we wish you all the best for 2024.